Meet Me

I’m that homemaker that is willing to do her best to make my family and friends lives that much easier and simpler. 

Aren’t we all though?

(Before last baby) When I was still working my laborious plant merchandising job 

I became a mom 5 years ago in high school when my daughter came along. I know what your thinking. That is young!! But hey, what teenager doesn’t make a few mistakes? (Mine were a little more extreme, I know)

I finished high school though, thanks to my parents help. (Gotta love moms and dads) And working all the while, then getting pregnant again my senior year. I was a wild one, huh?

I love my children though. Finally moving out of my parents years later and into my first apartment with my love, Chris. We had another baby, his first. (Trust me single moms, those wonderful men really are out there) He is a true father to all 3 of my children.

The family and I just adore a day at the park. There is this little pond there that the kids like to “pretend” fish. (Basically just casting and reeling it in over and over- It’s cute) I enjoy taking the kids to the local nature centers and we want to try to go camping at least twice a year. (Hard to do right now with a baby…)

I enjoy crocheting and making little things for the kids. My daughter loves that I can make shapes. She hangs them in her room. On the porch I have a little garden of pots of all sizes. Oh how I wish I had more space to garden.

This is where our discussions will grow. Need help starting your own herb garden for your cooking? Need ideas for outings with the kids? In a small home but have lots of things that need organizing? Tired of using 20 different products in your daily cleaning?

I am here to share with you my take and how I hold down my fort on a daily basis. Need help with a specific problem.? Give me a shout.

(After last baby) Don’t you love how cars are awesome places to take pictures??


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