Simple Way to Declutter Each Room

Continuing from my last post of decluttering your home. This is a simple lay down of each room. I have always found it easier to do each room separately. No need to get overwhelmed! This way you can keep mental inventory of whats in each room.

I have been through each room plenty of times. I still do it from time to time. Especially in the kids playroom. You would seriously be surprised how much little junk collects in there. In our little 3 bedroom home, you can see the junk that begins to collect over time.

No one likes a cluttered space. It just brings down the mood. I get irritated when a room begins to get crowded with random things. Simple rooms make it easy on the eyes. Having less things also just make it REALLY hard to dirty the rooms up. So less hassle!!

Ok! Here we go.

Living Room

Most people have things like entertainment centers, coffee tables, book shelves and little cubbies for shoes and what not. Break down each separately to make it simpler.

  • Have any books you swore you were going to read one rainy day? Donate them. You will never read them. I promise!!
  • Any old magazines, unkempt paper or dirty coasters on that coffee table.? Toss ’em or recycle ’em.
  • Got some mixed (used and new) batteries that you can’t tell which is which? I sure did. Best to just recycle all of them.
  • If you’re like me and held onto random nick knacks or whatnots, just dwindle them down to your favorite few. Like two per shelf or space.


I found the kitchen quite easy. I mean, you use it every single day so you should know what you use and don’t use. If a utensil or appliance isn’t used but only once in a blue moon (like my waffle iron) you should get rid of it but it doesn’t mean you have to.

  • Unless you are an octopus, I’m pretty sure you don’t need two spatulas, ladles, or whisks. Pick a favorite.
  • I am slowly shifting from plastic cups to glass (difficult with kids) so I only kept the essential plastic for the kids.
  • All those decorations on your counter tops aren’t really necessary.  Plus I bet they are taking up space that you could have used from time to time.
  • Condensing the items in your cabinets should allow you to move some of your appliances up and off the counters.


My bathroom closet had so much useless things in it, I even shocked myself. Go through those medicine cabinets, shelves, counter top  and drawers. I keep everything in the closet except for the few things I use everyday on the counter.

  • Expired medicine, lotions, creams, make up, and gels should all be tossed. No need to hold onto to those. Plus using excess products is unhealthy anyway.
  • It’s different for everyone but I only keep two towels per person. We reuse anyway. It’s a different with washcloths. I change it every shower so therefore I have more!!
  • Same goes for hair products. The less the better. For your body and for the environment.

Bedrooms + Closets

In my opinion, this room is the most cluttered in the house. My two oldest, 3 and 5, share a bedroom and then have a playroom. Even still, they mange to get their bedroom a wreck Every. Single. Day. I bet most can relate.

  • Unless you are some savvy fashion trend follower, you really don’t need a gazillion different tops and bottoms. Especially if the clothes don’t fit.
  • Other season clothes get put in a bag and stuffed in the back of the closet usually. I have actually dwindled our clothes down to where all seasons can fit together.
  • Routinely go through the children’s toys. They break, get dirty beyond cleaning, or collect dust from no play. Best to donate them if you can.
  • Same for dress up clothes and shoes. Check for any tears and re purpose them or mend them.
  • Closets collect the strangest of things. Gift bags, mix match socks, old sporting equipment, tags from clothes, etc. Say bye bye!!


Every home is different, I get that. You may need more or less than the next person. But believe me when I say that you will feel so much better about yourself and your home when you have less. Remember, quality not quantity.


When you finally decide to make this life change, just jump into it. Don’t procrastinate!! (Coming from Queen Procrastination herself- ha) Have you thought about making the leap? Maybe as a resolution? Moving soon? Or just need less stress in your life and trying to eliminate sources? Give it shot.







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